Why buy pine furniture?

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What is pine?

Pine is a fast-growing, easily sustainable softwood that is ideal for turning into a wide range of durable furniture. With a natural light colour that makes it suitable for staining, painting or varnishing, it’s highly versatile too. Full of character, its unique grain patterns and knotty appearance mean no two pieces made from pine will ever be exactly the same.

Why choose pine?

Because it is a softwood pine is easier to work with, meaning it is a cheaper option than oak furniture and great value for money if you’re furnishing a house on a budget. It’s lighter too, so it’s easier to move around if you’re one of those people who like to change their room layout on a regular basis. There’s no compromise on quality, though. All our pine furniture is beautifully made and finished using traditional techniques to ensure its strength and durability. You won’t find that shiny orange finish indicative of inferior quality in our pine furniture ranges.

Kitchen and dining room

Pine is perfect for dining tables, sideboards and dressers. When finished with a lacquer or wax, a pine dining table will be hard wearing enough to cope with all the use that busy family life demands and still look good afterwards. And it’s easily re-stained or varnished if it starts to look a little tired. Ideal for a country-style kitchen with its naturally beautiful knots, unique grain and characterful imperfections, pine is also suitable for contemporary kitchens as it can be stained or painted a different colour to suit your décor.

Living room

In the room where you spend most of your downtime, pine furniture is ideal for helping to create a relaxed atmosphere. Affordable, beautiful and practical, it’s easy to move around, as well as being durable and effortless to look after. And when you want to ring the changes, you don’t need to buy a complete set of new furniture, just sand down the furniture you have and stain or paint it.


Our high quality pine bedroom ranges will give your room a luxurious feel without the usual luxury price tag. With pieces that will work in traditional and contemporary settings, the natural warmth of pine furniture makes it easy to put together a welcoming space in which to get a good night’s sleep. And because pine furniture is such great value, you can furnish every bedroom in your home without breaking the bank.

Caring for pine furniture

With a little bit of care and attention, your pine furniture should last for many years.

  • Apply a high quality beeswax polish every few months to nourish the timber and keep the grain looking its best.
  • Don’t put your pine furniture in direct sunlight to otherwise the finish will fade. And avoid placing furniture near a radiator so that joints don’t split or weaken.
  • Wipe spills straight away with a damp cloth then dry off with another clean and dry lint-free cloth.