Why buy oak furniture?

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What is oak?

Oak. Even the word itself sounds strong. Oak is one of the most versatile and durable woods there is. Furniture made from oak will be around a long time – longer than you, probably. A dense hardwood, oak has been used to make fine furniture for hundreds of years. Even the Vikings used it to make their longships. It grows slowly, developing strength, density and character over many years. Red oak is most commonly used for indoor furniture, while white oak tends to be used outside as it is more waterproof.

Why choose oak?

Oak furniture is more expensive than other woods but you get what you pay for. Furniture made from oak is built to last and will only look better as it ages. It adds natural warmth and character to your home and its timeless appearance lends itself to both classic and contemporary styles. Its strength makes it particularly suitable for modern life and chairs, beds and dining tables, which tend to see a lot of use will benefit from its sturdiness. All of our oak furniture is made using traditional joinery techniques to ensure its quality, strength and durability, so whether you want to create a stylish modern look or a country-style rustic theme, we have the designs to suit.

Kitchen and dining room

Often the busiest room in the house, our kitchens have to put up with a lot. Oak is the perfect choice for your furniture as its strength and sturdiness, especially when protected with varnish or lacquer, will pay dividends when it comes to coping with the rough and tumble of everyday family life, boisterous dinner parties and celebrations. It doesn’t damage easily and even if it does get the odd knock, it will only add to its character.

Living room

In your living room, oak furniture will bring warmth and richly grained natural beauty as well as long-lasting practicality. Lending itself to sturdy coffee tables, characterful sideboards and bookcases and display units, in both strikingly contemporary and traditionally rustic designs, oak furniture always adds a touch of class and luxury.


In the room where we spend up to a third of our lives asleep, it pays to have furniture you can rely on. An oak bed will be a wise investment. Not only will it look beautiful, it will last you for many years. Complement your oak bed with our beautifully made oak wardrobes, dressing tables and bedside cabinets and create a stylish haven where relaxation will come easily.

Caring for oak furniture

With a little bit of care and attention, your oak furniture should last a lifetime.

  • A high quality beeswax polish applied every few months will nourish the timber and ensure the grain always looks its best.
  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight to prevent fading, or near a radiator so that joints don’t split or weaken.
  • Wipe any spills immediately using a damp cloth then dry off with another clean and dry lint-free cloth.