Choosing furniture for your hallway

Hallway Header

First impressions count, and when visitors walk through your front door, your hallway is the first thing they’ll see so try to make it a welcoming space with some well-chosen furniture and accessories. As hallways tend to be narrow spaces in most homes, they can easily become cluttered with shoes, bags and other items. A bit of planning can ensure you make the best use of the space.

Planning your space

When buying any furniture, it’s crucial that you measure the space it’s going to go in to ensure it will fit. It’s even more important in a hallway as the space is usually smaller and the traffic high. Before you buy any furniture, think about how you are going to decorate. Bright colours and good lighting will make the space look bigger and give it a welcoming ambience. Think about what you want to do with the space. Do you want extra storage or will it be a more decorative area with paintings and mirrors and little or no furniture?

Console tables

Ideal for hallways where their narrow proportions come into their own, a console table can fulfil several functions. Console tables with drawers are ideal for providing storage for all those bits and bobs you need before leaving the house such as keys, gloves, wallets, etc. and their surfaces offer an ideal platform for striking ornaments, family photographs and vases of flowers.


If your hallway is wide enough, a sideboard is ideal. As hallways tend to be long spaces, one of our sideboards with multiple drawers and cupboards will be a great way to provide masses of storage without having to impose on precious floor space in other rooms. And a tallboy is perfect if space is limited.


Mirrors are an ideal way to make your hallway appear brighter and bigger as they bounce light around and our range has sizes and designs to suit all decors.

Other ideas

No matter how big your hallway is, it’s an ideal space to get creative. Use a lidded trunk to keep shoes and bags tidy and out of sight. Because of their narrow proportions, bookcases can work well in hallways. A nest of tables next to each other in descending order can make an attractive feature as well as offering a surface for flowers and photographs. If you haven’t got room for a console table then a bedside table near your front door can be a useful place to keep keys, wallets, tickets and other small items. A well-placed chair can also be a good idea. Our characterful sheesham wood chairs can really make a statement and also provide a useful perch for the putting on and taking off of shoes.