Using Contrasting Textures To Create An Interesting Living Room Look

sing Contrasting Textures To Create An Interesting Living Room Look

Even the cosiest of rooms risks looking two-dimensional if it isn't properly dressed. Try using a mix of textures to add some depth to your living room, with contrasting textures to create a magnificent play of light and shadow.

Start with wood as your key inspiration, and work up to include glass, metallics and striking fabrics. Oak furniture is a classy, classical go-to material – its unique grain ages beautifully and it goes well in any home.

Metallics are an attractive material for your home; they reflect natural and artificial light. Strategically placed, they can transform dark corners with speckles and slices of pure sunshine. They also look luxurious and, like mirrors, add infinite space. Try table lamps, plant pots or bowls to add interest to different areas of your living room.

Bronze is the most fashionable metal for home design this year. With deep, enduring beauty, its tones match the warmth of a lacquered wood finish.

coloured glass accessories

Glass is also a bringer of light to living rooms, through all seasons. With green the most popular on-trend colour this year in home design, you could consider coloured glass accessories in sage, olive or emerald.

If you choose a coloured glass piece from your room palette, it will blend, so if you're looking for a statement look try something bolder. Glassware of all colours and design is ideal for displaying, and its shine won't get lost against the natural shades and grain of the wood of oak furniture.

Tropical designs and colours

Tropical designs and colours are all the rage. Shop around for tropical wallpapers and even full murals, and fabrics for curtains and cushions. Don't over-do the patterns or mix them up – less is more with a design as strong as this.

To create a strong look that really holds the room together, try matching the shade of your oak furniture to a colour in the wallpaper or fabric, and use this as your starting point. Our Cadley Oak range is a pale gold with a defined grain that would be complemented by similar golds.