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Declutter your home with some nifty storage solutions

Declutter your home with some nifty storage solutions

How long have you been putting off decluttering your home? Over time you may find that you have accumulated a lot of junk in your home that may have you questioning whether you actually need it or if it's just taking up space. Although, some consider rearranging the home as a daunting task, it is a great chance to rethink your living space.

If you’re a self-confessed hoarder, and you live in a small apartment or house, then you’ll soon find you’re running out of space and storage solutions. One of the many things you learn about when you’re living in a medium to small sized space is that choosing smaller furniture doesn't mean you essentially must make do with less, just that you need to be clever about how you shape the space you do have.

Here are a few small space storage secrets that will come in handy no matter the size of your home.

Storages shelves are nifty for your little trinkets

Storages shelves are nifty for your little trinkets

Everyone loves a well-placed shelf that gives character to the interior – Whether they are a DIY job or you purchase them, they are a great addition to your living space. Softer shelves are a clever way to help you organise space in your bathroom or wardrobe, whereas, hard wooden shelves would be good for your bedroom, living room and kitchen. They are useful for keeping your bits and bobs in order, and to also add some decorative glamour to your rooms.

Boxes are a great way to store clutter in a categoric way –

Boxes are a great way to store clutter

Such a simple method that can make such a difference! Storage boxes can be used throughout the house, kitchen, living room, hallway… they are versatile enough to fit pretty much anywhere. Woven boxes or baskets offer an self-effacing solution to keeping things clear and tidy and is a great way to create multi-level storage. There is such a variety of size and styles available, so you could find use for them anywhere. Smaller ones are a great way to sort your toiletries, whereas larger ones will be great for organising your bed linen.

Well-placed set of coat hooks will do wonders for storage

Well-placed set of coat hooks will do wonders for storage

Another great way to declutter and to store items of every-day use, is fitting some coat hooks in your hallway so that coats are not thrown around the living room or kitchen – they can be neatly hung out, ready to find when you’re in a rush to head out of the door.

Additionally, having some coat hooks behind your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen doors can help you keep certain garments in an easy-to-reach place.

Drawers on your furniture will help you keep your personal items away from open view

Drawers on your furniture

Odds are your house is probably filled with them. From the bedroom to the living room and the kitchen, drawers are everywhere. Wooden drawers are the sturdiest and have been the traditional choice of material for furniture makers throughout history, and are still the trademark of finely constructed furniture.

There are some great tips for finding furniture with drawers though, as you’ll find certain furnishings that don’t often come with drawers have a drawer version. A coffee table with drawers will help you keep any magazines, newspapers, tea coasters out of the way. This is a nifty way to minimise your on-show items so try to find storage solutions in most of your furniture choices too.

You may also have drawers on your bed unit, in which case, you can place your linen, or your night clothes, underwear and the likes in them.

In the hallway, opt for a sideboard counter so you can throw your keys, glasses, wallet or other items you usually may leave lying around on the counter. A fine oak wood sideboard like this one would be a great investment because it is sturdy and full of character.

Invest in a chest of drawers for the bedroom too - Jumpers, underwear, and miscellaneous items that may normally sit unsorted may be neatly stored away in a chest of drawers. They also make vital bedroom furniture for many people.

Decluttering your home feels as though you've decluttered your mind-space too

Often, decluttering the home is attached with a feel-good attitude and it is always nice to live in a well-organised home, where you know exactly where everything is kept. Use our fantastic storage solutions to help you keep some of those prized possessions away from open view.

Lifestyle Furniture sells quality furniture, and many items offer excellent storage solutions. Start off by looking at some of our fine oak drawers to get started on thinking how you’ll start your journey to home-organisation.

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