Sprucing up your home furnishings for Christmas

As we fast approach the Christmas month, it’s time to get every part of your house in the festive spirit, ready for December. Many people around you will joke that the holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year. But if you want a special Christmas, it’s wise to start the preparation early…yes! Even if that means putting up the Christmas tree in November.

When it comes to Christmas home decoration, you want a lovely Christmas trees before you begin to think of anything else. You spend hours making your Christmas tree look perfect. But what about the rest of your house? For those celebrating Christmas, it’s one of the most special times of year. It means quality time with family and friends, generosity, good will and many warm memories. This holiday season, we’ve identified our favourite Christmas decorating ideas that will spruce up your furnishings and home.

Fireplace Christmas Decoration

Image Credit: Farrow Ball

1)      Fireplace or Christmas Tree – make them as festive as possible

If you have a fireplace in your house, then you’re in luck – because the mantelpiece of a fireplace is a festive favourite amongst many.  This is because Santa Claus is supposed to be coming down a chimney – so once your Christmas tree is fully sparkling, a well decorated mantel can perfectly set off your existing Christmas efforts. Fireplace garlands and a mixture of natural greenery and glittering metallic ornaments really sets the tone for Christmas. You can also hang some stockings and Christmas cards along the top.

Get creative and craft rag garlands and card strings to decorate the perfect fireplace.


2)      Fairy Lights to brighten up your furniture and doorways

The festival of Christmas is not just about getting and giving presents and dressing up. Decorating your home is also fun and gets everyone in the mood for Christmas. You don’t need to repaint your house and start buying tons of furniture for Christmas, but you can upgrade an item or two to bring the whole living room or dining room together. If you don’t want to spend too much money on decorating, then buy some fairy lights. Use warm honey toned fairy lights, or bauble lights to give your room a sophisticated feel. The illuminations, be it, candles, fairy lights, lanterns or lamps, will bring your home a festive ambience. Your furniture will look instantly festive with a bit of fairy lighting. Put fairy lights up around your bookshelves, door arches, bannisters and window frames.

Fairy Lights

Credit: Jez Timms 

3)      Stair Bannister can create a perfect area to hang a greenery garland

A beautiful stairway garland will draw eyes, making the most of your architectural features. You can either display the garland at the bottom of the rail or at the top and top look fabulous. Go for evergreen foliage, including ivy, holly, and myrtle, combined with artificial berried sprays, pussy willow and hellebores. Using a combination like this means it becomes very hard to spot the artificial foundations.

Home Bannister christmas

Picture Credit: Craft Holic

4)      Scents and smells for Christmas to give your guests a warm welcome

Before your guests arrive, book some cookies in the oven. The smell of cookies baking is divine and will be a perfect scent for Christmas gatherings. You can also get some scented candles to place around the home. Another handy tip is to buy cinnamon sticks and to place them around your foliage to create a warm and welcoming Christmas smell.

5)      Flowers placed on your furniture

Flower decoration placed strategically on your furniture will give your home the perfect aroma and serenity. If you are looking for signature Christmas flowers then opt for Red Poinsettias, Christmas Roses, White Chrysanthemums, Orchids or red Carnations.

Have a very Merry Christmas from the Lifestyle Furniture Team!

Christmas is all about celebration and a lovely time with family, so decoration should also be used to create a mood for the gathering.

Of the most celebrated festivals around the world, Christmas certainly is the best time of the year for a maximum number of families around the globe. Christmas is a time to make the effort to spruce up your furniture, make your home a haven and welcome your guests with open arms.