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How To Give Your Furniture A Refreshed Look

The best thing about Oak Furniture is that is it long-lasting, beautiful and versatile. You can spruce up items of oak furniture in various ways and we’re about to reveal exactly how! 

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Is your house full of furniture you bought years ago and don’t really like the look of anymore? It’s tempting to buy new things and put the old things you own onto Freecycle or Gumtree. But there are other options. You can refresh your furniture for a fraction of the cost of buying more. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can brighten up your furniture and transform the aesthetic atmosphere in your home

1. Paint your furniture a different colour

Is your old oak furniture looking old? Is your dining table looking a little tired? Are your bookcases bringing down the brightness in your room? Paint is the cheapest and easiest way to change the way something looks. Sand off any old paint, choose your new favourite colour and give your bedraggled furniture a couple of coats. You’ll be surprised how different something can look when it’s freshly painted in a new, modern colour.

2. Change up your accessories

Another quick and way way to transform the way something looks is to change accessories where you can. You can find some really great drawer knobs and handles on the internet or in your local hardware store to replace the old ones. 

accessories on furniture

3. Creature feature elements

You can use peel non stick paper to revamp elements of your furniture quickly and simply. Choose your favourite colours and patterns of decorative non-stick paper and paste them to the back of your bookshelf, the legs of your tables or the inside of your drawers for a quick and instant refresh.


4. Retreat your oak

You may not need to paint over or cover your old oak furniture completely. If you enjoy that natural wood finish then why not invest some time in treating your oak? Use a soft bristled toothbrush and diluted vinegar to clean your old furniture up, then use a soft cloth and some furniture wax to buffer up the wood. You’ll be surprised how well treated wood can look when it’s been given a little bit of love and care. 

treating old oak furniture


5. Cover it up

One of the quickest ways of revamping your furniture is to use slip covers to hide old patterns and colours. You can find standard shapes and sizes for table, sofa and cushion covers on the internet, or you can get them specially made. It will cost you a little bit more, but it’s the fastest way to do it.

6. Hire a professional

If you don’t have the time to do it yourself or you’re not brave enough, there are professionals up and down the country who will have some great ideas about how to transform your furniture. You can Google them and check their websites for a good idea of what they’re capable of and how much they’ll charge. 

With hundreds of budget furniture sellers and finance options out there, it might seem easier to buy something totally new, but there is a nostalgia around transforming items you once loved to match current fashions and the atmosphere in your home. Before you head to that internet auction, give one of the above a go and see if you can fall back in love with the stuff you’ve already bought. 

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