How to Choose Furniture for Your Elderly Parents

Buy them a comfy reading chair

When you are choosing furniture for your elderly parents think about buying items that will provide maximum comfort. To create a space that is practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, find furniture that is well suited to their daily needs and habits.

And when you do go furniture shopping for an elderly parent, it might be best to take them along to select the furniture. If that is not possible, ask the salesperson for help. They might be able to suggest good options suited to your parent's needs. Think about buying comfy sofas, reading armchairs, footstools, throws, blankets, and furniture that not only adds functionality and comfort, but also enhances the design aesthetic of long-term care facilities.

Buy them a comfy reading chair

Chairs form an important daily necessity in our lives as we sit down and stand up from our chairs more than 50 times a day. For older people, it is especially important to find the right chair, that has adequate support, when sitting down, and handles or arm rests to stand up. part of our lives as on an average we sit down and get up from our chairs more than 90 times in a day. For older people, there are riser recliner chairs which help them overcome all issues related to standing and sitting.

Position the chair is a good area, either near a window, next to a bookshelf or in front of the television so that they can use the chair for functional purposes.

Choosing a dining table for your elderly parents

Choosing a dining table for your elderly parents

Whether you are choosing a dining or a coffee table, select a height that is suitable for the person who will be using it. Here are some excellent sturdy oak wood tables that will last many years, made out of sheesham oak wood. The good thing about oak furniture is that it is long lasting and easy to clean as well.

If you choose a coloured glass piece from your room palette, it will blend, so if you're looking for a statement look try something bolder. Glassware of all colours and design is ideal for displaying, and its shine won't get lost against the natural shades and grain of the wood of oak furniture.

Many people would recommend that you stay away from buying elderly parent glass-top tables as they could break easier than a solid wood one.

Storage solutions in their home at convenient levels

Everyone needs plenty of storage space, and an elderly parent is no different. Make sure that storage is easily reachable. For example, under the bed storage might not work because it includes twisting, or manipulating the bed.

Dressers with drawers that glide out easily are good. Look at some of these storage cabinets which will provide ample space for storing.

Additional Accessories:

Additional Accessories

Make the home as comfortable as possible – add colourful throws in their favourite colour on the armchairs, have a couple of spare blankets for living room lounging days. Position printed pillows on the seats and chairs to add comfort and additional support as required.

A great idea for extra comfort is a footstool if your parents don’t have recliner sofas, it’s a great way to relax and help blood circulation in the legs. Additionally, Stable step stools are useful for reaching high shelves or storage areas.

A firm mattress to align the spine

Adaptable beds let the user decide on a sleeping position, and could work extremely well for someone who finds it a little harder to get comfortable in bed.

Remember to choose an suitable mattress that provides needed support too.

Choose a furniture supplier that offers good quality furniture that lasts for years

Lifestyle Furniture are one of the leading online retailers of solid hardwood furniture. The speciality is the finest Oak, Pine, Indian and Painted Furniture at the lowest prices on the internet.

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Tropical designs and colours

Tropical designs and colours are all the rage. Shop around for tropical wallpapers and even full murals, and fabrics for curtains and cushions. Don't over-do the patterns or mix them up – less is more with a design as strong as this.

To create a strong look that really holds the room together, try matching the shade of your oak furniture to a colour in the wallpaper or fabric, and use this as your starting point. Our Cadley Oak range is a pale gold with a defined grain that would be complemented by similar golds.

WORDS: Saima Omar