Why buy painted furniture?

Painted Header

If you want to give your home a bright, fresh appeal then consider painted furniture. It’s, elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

We currently have two painted furniture ranges, both full of beautifully made pieces for your bedroom. Our Chambre range is inspired by French country living and its off-white finish has been subtly distressed to give it a vintage shabby chic appeal.

Our Banbury Elegance range is also inspired by France but has a more contemporary vibe, with a lovely satin finish that’s been achieved via a painstaking 3-step process.

Painted furniture is perfect for a bedroom as it helps to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, a sanctuary from the stresses of daily life, plus it combines well with both classic and modern decors.

Away from the bedroom, some pieces lend themselves to being statement furniture in other rooms, combined with natural oak and pine furniture. A painted chest of drawers in a hallway can look really striking, especially against a dark backdrop. A night stand could serve as a lamp table or an end table for your sofa. A blanket box could work as a lidded coffee table. Shabby chic furniture is perfect as part of a more laid-back eclectic look and will add personality and a splash of colour to any space.

Creating your own painted furniture

If you don’t want to invest in new furniture but fancy getting the shabby chic look in your home, old pine furniture is perfect for a bit of upcycling. It’s usually easy to sand down and paint and you can get the distressed appearance by rubbing away the paint in places. This article goes into more detail if you want to get creative.


Caring for painted furniture

Less is more when it comes to looking after your painted furniture. Waxes and polishes should be avoided as they can cause discolouration and damage. An occasional vacuum with a soft brush attached or a wipe over with a barely damp cloth should be enough to get rid of dust and keep your furniture looking smart.