Creating a stylish dressing area in your house

Get ready everyday in style and create a pamper zone in your home with a gorgeous dressing table, wardrobe and storage.

Having a separate area of the house to pamper yourself and get dressed is an ultimate dream – a luxury that some have, whilst others dream of having. But you don’t need a spare room to make a pamper area – just section off part of your bedroom or hallway for a lovely dressing area, that will keep your bedroom from getting messy in the mornings. 

Hallway Dressing Idea



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Furniture for the dressing and pamper room

Start with your key furniture items. A wardrobe is an apparent place to begin when designing the picture-perfect dressing room. Shop around for wardrobes to get the most storage space out of your wardrobe. You will want to make sure the wardrobes are built in a solid way, such as oak wood, which is long-enduring. Make sure there is plenty of shelving in your wardrobe so you can stack up labelled boxes, filled with of all your favourite clothes.


Built in wardrobe with shelves

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The second important item of furniture is a beautiful dressing table. A oak wood dressing table can look timeless and classic in a pamper room – if you like the white dresser look, invest in a good solid oak dresser and then paint it white. A good way to store items such as hairdryers, curlers, straighteners is in boxes under your table to keep these electrical items out of the way and show off your favourite jewellery and perfumes on beautiful glass trays on top of the dressing table. Adorn the table with your favourite flowers and ensure you have a comfy stool to do your make up on in the mornings.

Choosing dressing room storage

Do you prefer hanging or folding your clothes? This will indicate what type of furniture you will need. Also remember to build or buy storage for your shoes, handbags and accessories – i.e. the items that are the hardest to store away in a neat fashion. 

Folded Jeans In Wardrobe


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A trendy solution for jumpers and jeans is to fold them up on large oak-wood shelves instead of drawers. Hanging space in your wardrobe is good for longer garments such as your skirts and dresses, trousers and shirts.

Seating and surfaces are needed in your dressing and pamper area

Seating in your dressing area can be used to try on shoes, to relax during a pamper session or to put on your makeup. Oak wood benches are all the range now, with concealed storage under the seat. Another popular choice of seating for dressing rooms is an ottoman stool placed in the middle of the room, which instantly adds a luxurious feel.

Don’t forget the mirrors

Any dressing or pamper area in your house will be incomplete if you don’t have a mirror – you need a gorgeous mirror to check your outfit is on point – that your makeup is flawless and that you are ready to take on the day. If space permits, then a full-length top to floor wall mirror makes a statement – but if you have used all your walls for storage then, opt for a full-length mirror and another to prop on your dressing table. 

Grey Dressing Table With Free Standing Mirror

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With these tips for a perfect pamper room, you’ll be well on your way to creating the most glamourous dressing room you can ever imagine.