How To Create The Perfect Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

We understand how uncomfortable it can be for some people to leave their own home and travel to a family or friends house and staying over. However, we have the perfect tips and tricks to creating that perfect guest bedroom which will leave your visitors comfortable and cosy.

1. Keep the decor tasteful and easy on the eye

If you need to decorate your guest bedroom then keep the style simple, tasteful and calm. If you cover the room with all your personal pictures and knick-knacks then your guests may feel as though they’re staying in an unfamiliar space. Keep the self expression down but style it how you want your home to be.

2. Provide an empty wardrobe or drawers

Keep in mind that your guests may not want to live out of their suitcases and some would like to hang their clothes up. Keep an empty wardrobe such as our Mariah Painted Double wardrobe or a spare chest of drawers such as our Mariah 5 Drawer Wide Chest Of Drawer so your guests would feel right at home with their clothes folded and hung away.

3. Include a comfy chair or a desk in the room

If you have guests visiting you for a longer space of time then they may need a temporary workspace. Putting a desk such as our Emsworth Oak Office Desk or a comfy chair in their guest room then this may help them relax and work easier.

Bedroom Chair

4. Let your guests know of the wifi password

If you leave a note of the wifi password in their guest room then they will have it on hand every time they need to use the wifi on a difference device. This will come in handy for both yourselves and your guests.

5. Ensure the plugs are easily visible

Everyone has devices nowadays so ensure there are plugs on show for their mobile phones and laptops etc so your guest doesn’t have do start rearranging the furniture to plug their devices in.

6. Keep the bedding clean and fresh

Ensure your guests are comfy in their beds with multiple pillows, plump duvets and crisp, fresh sheets.

7. Provide fresh towels

Fold the towels neatly on the end of your guest bed for them to get a shower easily. Many people like using one towel for their hair and one for their body so ensure there are plenty for everybody.

8. Clean the guest room through thoroughly

This may be an obvious point but keep the room thoroughly cleaned for your guests. Think about hoovering, dusting, cleaning the windows and freshening everything up.

9. Keep extra blankets

Some people prefer sleeping with less, others prefer sleeping with lots of blankets and quilts. Ensure you have plenty of blankets available for your guests, especially in the winter months. You could also have a blanket box at the end of the bed for your guests to help themselves, have a look at our Mariah Painted Blanket Box.

10. Want something slightly more luxurious? Provide some plush dressing gowns

Hand some fresh, white bathrobes for your guests to discover. Many people can’t fit these luxury items in their suitcases so you could provide this extra comfort for them if you wanted to!

We hope our ten top tips help you to create your perfect guest bedroom. We have a range of furniture which can help you to design your dream guest room. If you would like more information on our bedroom sets, visit


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